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University of Canberra Public Hospital, ACT

The University of Canberra Public Hospital is a purpose-built rehabilitation hospital that provides tailored rehabilitation programs for neurological, mental health and age related conditions. The hospital costing $139 million has 140 inpatient beds, 75 day places and provides outpatient services. It also has a pharmacy, pathology service, imaging service, hydrotherapy pool and café. The hospital is conveniently located on the northwest corner of the University of Canberra enabling ACT Health to partner with the University to provide integrated learning opportunities and a research facility focused on rehabilitation.

Project Design Brief

Designers were asked to incorporate an economical stormwater management system to capture the runoff from the car park pavement. The stormwater management system required an infiltration system and a detention system to spread the peak flow of water over a longer period of time, mitigating any surge effect downstream. The stormwater management system also needed to be easily accessible  for inspection, maintenance and cleaning procedures.

ACO's Solution

  • StormBrixx® HD geocellular stormwater management system


  • Brick bonding and cross bonding feature provides a strong and durable installation
  • Open cell structure enables a clear path for inspection cameras and maintenance
  • Stackable design simplifies delivery, site logistics and installation
University Canberra Public Hospital
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