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Sydney Avenue, Umina Beach - Central Coast NSW

Central Coast Council recently redeveloped an existing, aging skate park. Due to regular flooding from blocked and undersized pipes, this required the existing carpark to undergo major stormwater remediation. The site was heavily constrained by the existing stormwater network, dunes, insufficient pavement falls The sandy soils in Umina enable high infiltration rates, making it ideal for an infiltration tank. These tanks hold collected stormwater during a storm event. When the natural water table begins to drop, the stored water can be released back into the groundwater without any downstream effects. and environmental restrictions on ocean outflows. It was imperative that the solution would overcome these factors and be designed to function with the area’s high annual precipitation and worsening summer storms.

To rectify this and effectively manage the stormwater, Central Coast Council sought to integrate an underground infiltration tank with an upstream treatment device. Treating stormwater directly ‘at the source’ was deemed as the only feasible solution compared with the conventional approach for an ‘end of pipe’ design.

To see how this problem was solved, see video below.

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ACO Pty Ltd
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HydroCon Australasia Pty Ltd
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*Sustainability Workshop carried out the modelling and concept design. ADW Johnson carried out the drawing documentation.

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