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Monash University, Melbourne, Vic

Monash University recently invested in synthetic sports fields as part of its long-term improvement strategy to its sport facilities. The project consisted of converting three existing grass pitches to multi-purpose synthetic sports fields.

Project Design Brief

With the large catchment area, the University sought to capture the stormwater from the synthetic fields and reuse on the nearby grass sports fields. To achieve this, a stormwater retention system would be required to capture and store the water on site. Designers required a strong, durable and easy to maintain stormwater tank.

ACO's Solution

  • StormBrixx SD geocellular stormwater tank


  • The tank was wrapped in a welded impermeable geomembrane to ensure the tank was watertight for storage
  • The unique pillar configuration provides a high void ratio of 97% for maximum storage
  • Maintenance and inspection points allow access to the tanks interior
  • The brick bonding and cross bonding feature provides unparalleled stability in the construction of the tank
  • Independently tested and certified for structural integrity for long-term strength
Monash University, Melbourne, Vic

Other ACO products used:

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