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21 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn VIC

Ewart Leaf Architects recently designed 22 spacious luxury apartments located in the upmarket inner city suburb of Hawthorn, close to tranquil parks and the Yarra River.

The upmarket contemporary building was inspired by the architecture of Le Cobusier and has four levels constructed with high quality materials and custom designed joinery.

Project Design Brief

The designers were required to incorporate a stormwater management system into the complex to slow down the rainwater runoff from the site before discharging the flow into the stormwater system.

The tank needed to be simple to assemble and easy to access for inspection and cleaning.

ACO's Solution

  • Stormbrixx® SD geocellular stormwater management system Two tanks were installed in a series to provide water retention and detention


  • The detention system spreads the peak flow over a longer time period, mitigating the surge effect downstream
  • The light weight stackable design simplifies delivery and site logistics and is also quick and easy to assemble on site
  • Tested independently to certify structural integrity for long term installation
  • Brick bonding and cross bonding feature provides unparalleled stability in the construction of the tank
  • Access units together with the unique pillar configuration enables entry into the tank for maintenance and inspection with a camera
Riversdale Road Hawthorn
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