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New Town Toyota, Victoria Park, Perth, WA

Located in Victoria Park, New Town Toyota was established in 1992 and is today one of the largest and leading Toyota dealerships in Australia. Employing over 150 staff, the business is family owned and operated by founder and Managing Director Joe Zito.

Project Design Brief

During a recent extension of the dealership that included new showrooms, a new administration building and the upgrade of the parking area, designers were asked to design a new stormwater management system. A strong and durable underground stormwater tank was required to act as an infiltration system for gradual discharge into the water table. This measure would also stop stormwater from entering a problematic area of the site.

ACO's Solution

  • ACO Stormbrixx® HD 50m³ geocellular infiltration tank
  • ACO’s Technical Services team provided designers with sizing and structural calculations for vertical loading, lateral loading and creep ratio


  • Unique pillar configuration provides a high void ratio of 95% available for storage
  • Brick bonding and cross bonding feature provides unparalleled stability in the construction of the tank
New Town Toyota, Victoria Park, Perth, WA
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