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Real life structural test

ACO conducted a full-scale live load testing of a buried ACO Stormbrixx® SD structure.

In Australia, no standards govern the strength of underground plastic geocellular stormwater tank systems and this is a problem for all urban designers and engineers managing stormwater detention, retention or infiltration. Fortunately, there is an industry guide. It comes in the form of a UK standard called Structural Design of Modular Geocellular Drainage Tanks (SDMGDT), published by the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA).

ACO have conducted laboratory tests recommended by CIRIA’s standard SDMGDT as well as real life in-situ tests. Equipped with sensors to measure vertical deflection and lateral movement, the in-situ tests comprised an installed 3-layer StormBrixx SD tank covered with soil and an asphalt layer.

Taking a tank out of a controlled environment like a laboratory and measuring behaviour in a typical environment gives all stakeholders a better indication of performance.

Note: 30 tons (US) = 27.2 metric tonnes

Installed Tank Detail

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